A2 Asesoramiento Legal e Innovación (hereinafter, A2) with tax identification number (C.I.F) B

83037713, is filed at the Companies Register of Madrid, in tome 16840,

book 0, folio 114, section 8, sheet M-287831, entry 1, with address

at C/ General Perón nº 19, bajo, 28020 Madrid, Spain.


Website: domain

User/client: natural or legal person using or browsing the aforementioned



1. This section deals with the General Terms and Conditions that

regulate the access, browsing and use of the website

(hereinafter, the “Website”), and the liabilities arising from the

use of its content, where the “Content” is understood to be the pages that

make up all the domain of, which

constitute the information and services that A2 makes available to the

Internet Users.

2. Likewise, A2 establishes the Specific Terms and Conditions that regulate

the hiring of each service provided to the Users through

the Website. Therefore, Users must thoroughly read the

corresponding Specific Terms and Conditions before hiring

such services. Hiring such services implies that Users accept

both Terms and Conditions (the General and Specific ones) regulated in the

version published by A2 at the time that such services are


3. By simply using the “website”, it is assumed that “users” have

read and expressly accepted its content. If “users” do not accept




1. The Content included on the Website shall only be provided to

consumers or end users. Any unauthorised commercial use or resale of such Content

is forbidden, unless there is prior authorisation

from A2. 2. If Users must provide personal or legal information and data to use

and/or hire a service on the Website, Users/Clients are solely responsible

for making sure that such information is truthful and

conforms to Spanish law.

3. All the formalities carried out by A2 shall be in accordance with the

information delivered by the Users/Clients. For such purpose, A2 shall not be

liable in the event that such information contravenes third parties’ rights or

contains errors or omissions. The Users/Clients are fully liable

for the data stated in any “Service Request” available

on the “Website”, whether or not they have been recommended by A2.

4. If Users are allocated a password as a result of registering on the Website,

it must be used solely by the User. Consequently,

Users are responsible for the appropriate custody and

confidentiality of the password provided by A2, and undertake

not to assign its use to third parties or allow access to external parties.

Users shall be liable for the unlawful use of the

services by an unlawful third party that uses their password for such purpose

as a result of their negligent custody or loss.

5. If the password is lost or stolen,

Users must notify A2 as soon as possible so that it can

immediately cancel it and grant a new one. Until such notification is made,

A2 shall not be liable for any actions resulting from

the unlawful use of the password by third parties that have not

been authorised by the User.

6. Users are obligated and undertake to use the Website and the

Content in accordance with the legislation in force, the Legal Notice, and

any other notices or instructions made available to them, whether

through this legal notice or any other ones within the

Content constituting the Website, and with the generally accepted rules of

coexistence, morality and good practice.

For such purpose, Users are obligated and undertake not to use

any of the Content for unlawful purposes or effects, which are forbidden in the

Legal Notice or by the legislation in force, which harm the rights and interests

of third parties, or which may, in any way, harm, disable, overburden,

deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the Content, the computer equipment

or the documents, files and all types of content stored

in any of the in-house computer equipment systems or those hired by A2,

of other Users or of any other Internet users.


All the Industrial Property rights and, speficially, the A2

ESTUDIO LEGAL brand, trade names or distinctive signs of any type

that appear on the Website are owned by A2 or, where applicable, by

third parties that have expressly authorised the use to A2 for such purpose;

the use of, or access to, the Website and/or the Content does not

grant the Users the right over any of the aforementioned distinctive signs,

and the Users are not authorised by such parties in any case.

Likewise, the Industrial Property of the Content is owned by A2 or,

where applicable, by third parties that have expressly authorised A2 for such purpose;

therefore, any operating rights and, specifically, the reproduction, distribution,

communication, publication and transformation rights are restricted solely to them.

Raquel Lorente Bergeshe is the author of the photographs shown on the website of A2 Estudio

Legal and, therefore, their use by third parties is expressly forbiden without the corresponding authorisation.

The unauthorised use of the information included on this Website, and any harm

of the Intellectual or Industrial property rights of A2 or of the third

parties included in the Website that have assigned the content shall lead to the

legally established liabilities.

The Users who access or browse A2′s Website shall not have any rights as a result

of this and this shall not imply that A2 has partially or fully waived,

transferred, licensed or assigned such rights.


A2 shall notify Users by electronic means of the services, information

and/or events that may of their interest when they expressly request this.

The Users can revoke such consent at any time and through any means

suitable for such purposes.

6.- COOKIES & IPs: A2 can use and monitor the Users’ cookies and IPs with the

sole purpose of establishing the following types of statistics: date of the

first page view, number of page views, date of the last page view, the URL and

its domain, the search engine used and the screen resolution.

Despite this, if the Users want to disable and/or delete such cookies, they

must follow their Internet browser instructions.


The Users state and guarantee that all the information sent to the Website

does not contravene any intellectual or industrial property rights or any other

third-party rights and that they can legitimately send the information freely.

If such statement is proven to be unlawful or inaccurate subsequently, the User

is solely liable for this and A2 is exonerated from this.


Even if A2 adopts the necessary measures to guaranteee the correct use of the

Website and prevent viruses or other items that harm

the Users, it shall not be liable for the damages caused.

Likewise, it shall also not be liable for the damages arising from the

actions of any person who contravenes the regulations, terms and conditions,

and instructions that A2 establishes on its Website. Therefore, A2 does not

guarantee that there are no errors in the content, vulnerabilities on

its Website, or viruses or other harmful items on its Website or

on the server that provides it.

9.- LINKS:

A2 shall not assume any type of liabilities for any aspects related to the

external links found on the Website; the existence of such links

shall not imply any type of relationship between A2 and the party

responsible for the external website.

If any Users or companies wish to establish a link to the

Website, they must conform to the following clauses:

1) The link must take Users, in a single click, to the Website’s Home Page

and only this page, unless there is express authorisation from A2.

2) The inclusion of any type of element that identifies A2 in the

website that establishes the link must have A2′s prior written

express authorisation.

3) A2 forbids others to establish a link to its Website from

websites whose content contravenes the law, morality or public policy.

4) In any case, A2 shall not be liable for any aspects related to

the website that establishes the link to its Website.


In general, the means of communication between A2 and the “Users” shall be

via email. In this respect, the “Users” undertake to immediately inform

A2 of any changes or modifications in their contact details and, in

particular, in the email address established as the notification address

for the services hired through the Website.

If the “Users” do not update their information, A2 shall be exonerated from

any liabilities in the event that the notifications do not

reach the final addressee.


The provision of the services of the Website and its Content shall

have an indefinite duration in principle.

Nevertheless, A2 is authorised to terminate or suspend the provision

of the services of the Website and/or any of the Content at any time.

When this is reasonably possible, A2 shall previously warn that the

Website will be terminated or suspended.

A2 reserves the right to partially or fully publish on, or withdraw from,

its Website any Content at its sole discretion.

A2 can withdraw or suspend, at any time and without the need for prior

warning, the Content or services to the Users who fail to comply with

the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, and it can take

any type of actions that are applicable.


A2 reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions,

provided that such changes are published on the Website or are notified

directly to the Users.


A2 complies with the personal data protection legislation in force and

respects the privacy of the users and the secrecy and security of the

personal data, adopting the necessary technical and organisational measures

to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and

theft of the Personal Data provided, taking into account the state of the

technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.

Therefore, the personal data shall only be obtained for treatment when

they are appropriate, pertinent and not excessive in relation to the specific

explicit and lawful scope and purposes for which they were obtained, and shall

be cancelled when they cease to be necessary or pertinent for such purpose,

or when the holder requests this while exercising its right to cancel this.

When personal data are collected through the website, the users shall be

the only parties liable for completing the forms with false, inaccurate,

incommplete or outdated data, and they shall be previously informed in a

clear and unequivocal way that the Personal Data provided shall be

included or treated in a personal data file, which is owned by A2 and for

which it is responsible, filed appropriately at the Spanish Data Protection

Agency with the name of “CLIENTS”.

Likewise, the Users shall be liable for, and undertake to notify A2 of,

any changes in the data which affect them and which they have previously

supplied with the aim of complying with the principle of accuracy of

the personal data stored in the files.

The forms which include the personal data clearly state which questions

are mandatory and optional, and the consequences of obtaining the data

or the refusal to supply them.

The purpose of the data file and/or treatment is to appropriately manage the

relationship between the data assignee and A2.

The data shall only be assigned to third parties if this is necessary for

correctly meeting and managing the obligations established in the

relationship between the data assignee and A2. No other data shall be assigned

without the express consent from the personal data assignee. A2 is authorised

to send information about A2′s activities, provided that the assignee does not

expressly oppose this. The Users and the personal data assignees can exercise

their right to access, rectify, cancel and challenge this by writing to:


The document must contain reliable proof of the applicant’s identity.

If you have any doubts or wish to make a comment about A2′s use of users’ data,

please write to the following email address:


The relationship between A2 and the Users is governed by the provisions of the

rules in force that regulate the competent jurisdiction and by the applicable

legislation. Nevertheless, when a specific jurisdiction is envisaged,

A2 and the Users state that they waive any other venues and submit

themselves to the jurisdiction of the legal bodies of Madrid.

Specific terms and conditions of service

When hiring the services, the General Terms and Conditions shall be

applicable when the provisions are not affected by the SPECIFIC TERMS

AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE contained herein in each case.

A2 ESTUDIO LEGAL’S Website, its content and its services are

available to any natural or legal person that is legally able to sign

contracts (binding agreements). As proof of such consent, they may be

requested to provide certain identification details or contract information

before accessing all (or some) of the services and/or products.

These Terms and Conditions of Service are established between A2 and the

Users/clients. No other person can benefit from this.

If any court or regulator decides that some of these Terms and Conditions

of Service are not valid or cannot be executed in any way, such provision

shall be removed and deleted from these Specific Terms and Conditions of

Service while the other terms shall continue to have full force and effect.

1. Available services


Hiring viability studies for names and/or logos.-

This consists of issuing a report that includes the prior requests or

registrations with identical or similar names or with identical or similar

logos stated in the databases of the national industrial property offices

of the country or countries of the arranged service which, according to the

professional opinion of A2′s team, are understood to enter into conflict

for the same type of international nomenclature to be protected.

The reports shall estimate how successful the registration will be

based on the results obtained.

Our recommendations are based on brand searches and our experience.

This does not mean that the Trademark Office or the third parties will

not submit their objections. The Viability Studies are drafted by lawyers

with expertise in brand registration and their recommendations are based on

researching identical or similar brands that have been officially published

and on their own experience.

Based on the subjective nature of the brand searches and any

inaccuracies in the databases of the Official Trademark Offices, A2

does not guarantee that the Viability Study will be free of errors and/or

that it will be fully complete.

Likewise, the Viability Study does not guarantee that the Trademark Office

of the country where the service is hired will grant the brand registration.

In accordance with this, the Users/Clients accept the aforementioned terms,

conditions and limits and exonerates A2 from any liabilities.

The Contract shall enter into force when the Users/Clients request the Viability

Study through the Website and A2 receives the corresponding payment for the

service and the corresponding invoice is issued.

The Contract shall cease its effects when A2 sends the Users/Clients its

Viability Study.

The Users/Clients are fully liable for the data provided in any Service

Requests available on the “Website”.


Hiring the registration application services.- This consists of submitting the

brand application at the Industrial Property Office by the lawywer in charge in

the country of interest for the protection, and monitoring the formalities

of the application until a resolution is drafted which either grants or

rejects the aforementioned brand.

The registration application contract does not include the costs arising

from the formalities for converting the necessary documents into a public

instrument or legalising them in order to comply with the brand application

formalities in the corresponding country.

A2 undertakes to maintain the Users/Clients informed of the progress of the

brand registration process. Additionally, the Users/Clients shall have access

to the status of the brand registration process through A2′s Website Client Area.

A2 shall inform the Users/Clients when their Registration Application has been

accepted, challenged or opposed by a third party.

This service contract shall not include the costs arising from any

incidents that take place during the processing of the brands, whether they

are provisionally rejected in form or substance or for similarities or


If the “Registration Application” is challenged or opposed, A2, at the same

time that it notifies this situation to the Users/Clients, must make a

recommendation about the steps and costs associated with them.

If the brand is accepted, the Users/Clients shall be informed of the final

cost for sending the title or paying the registration rights if they exist

in any of the countries where this was hired.

If the Users/Clients do not meet the final formalities of sending the title,

this shall remain pending and it shall not be delivered.

If the Users/Clients do not hire the service for paying the grant rights

if this is required in the country of protection, the brand shall be

considered to have been abandoned.

This service contract does not include monitoring the brand during its ten years;

such a service must be hired separately if the Users/Clients are interested

in this.


Hiring the brand renewal services.- This consists of submitting the

brand renewal application at the Industrial Property Office by the lawyer

in charge in the country of interest for the protection, and monitoring the

formalities for the application until a resolution of the proposed

renwal is drafted.

A2 undertakes to maintain the Users/Clients informed of the progress of the

brand renewal process. Additionally, the Users/Clients shall have access

to the status of the brand renewal process through A2′s Website Client Area.

This service contract shall not include the costs arising from any

incidents that take place during the processing of the brand renewal.

Also, this service contract does not include the costs arising

from the formalities for converting the necessary documents into a public

instrument or legalising them in order to comply with the brand renewal


In the case of a brand renewal, the service is hired and, therefore,

the full amount is paid to A2, and the required documentation is delivered,

by the Clients/Users at least 8 business days before the deadline for

the renewal in the country where it will be processed.

This service contract does not include monitoring the brand during its ten years;

such a service must be hired separately if the Users/Clients are interested

in this.


Hiring the monitoring services in a country.- This consists of A2

providing information to the Clients/Users regarding the applications

submitted at the industrial property offices of the country where this service

was arranged and which have a similar or identical name in the same class where the

prior one has been registered, so that the Clients/Users can decide whether or

not they want to hire the service to challenge this.

Based on its professional experience, A2′s staff shall take into account

the degree of similarity between the brands and inform the Clients/Users

of their resemblance.

This monitoring service contract does not include the cost arising from the

service to challenge this if the Client is interested; where applicable, this shall be

budgeted in a personal way.

The brand monitoring service is provided on an annual basis; therefore, if the

client is interested in renewing this, it must notify A2 so that the latter provides

information about the renewal process or arranges a new service contract

through the Website.

3. CLIENT AREA: We make the “CLIENT AREA” service available to the clients

that desire this. This service, which will include a username and password, will

enable our clients/users to check the status of the files managed by A2

24 hours a day and 365 days of the year.

This service shall be provided through the servers which are integrated in several

security systems such as a firewall or specific data encryptions,

together with the HTTPS security system.


4.1 Prices

All the services have a fixed price or a price range established

in accordance with the characteristics of the required service. Such prices

shall not vary unless there is a change in the official price rates

associated with it.

The prices for the services which are subject to adjustments for possible changes in the

market (non-euro currencies) or which are temporarily replaced by special or

promotional prices can be varied; the clients/users shall always be informed

either through the website itself or, where applicable, through

the email of the A2 staff.

The price values are established in euros or US dollars (USD).

4.2 Payment methods

The services that can be hired through the website can be paid through

PayPal, with a credit card, by bank transfer (normal or electronic), and

other specific methods of each country (including direct deposit into A2′s

bank account).

Regarding the bank transfers, all the necessary information shall be

available in the services’ payment order. Moreover, please remember that any

charges resulting from the transfer shall always be paid by the user/client.

4.3 Payment date and service arrangement date

The payment date is established upon confirmation by the intermediary and the

successful receipt of the amount paid into A2′s bank or Paypal account.

Regarding the credit card or PayPal payments, the amount shall be immediately

taken from the client’s/user’s account. Therefore, the payment date and the

date of the payment consideration are the same, unless it is detected that

the payment must be made manually. In this case, the payment consideration may

be delayed by several days.

4.4 Payment security

We use third parties to provide the credit card payment option on our website.

Specifically, this service shall be provided through La Caixa’s payment gateway.

When you pay with a credit card, we shall send information about your credit card,

where necessary, to La Caixa so that it can carry out this service.

Such third parties are forbidden to use your identifiable personal information

for any other purpose.

Such third parties have top security measures to protect the loss,

misuse or alteration of the information. The websites have secure servers, and

all the personal information is completely encrypted during the transaction.

A2 uses the sector’s generally accepted standards to protect the personal information

that is provided to us, both during the transmission and once it is received.

Nevertheless, we would like warn A2 users/clients that no Internet transmission

method or electronic storing method is completely secure. Therefore, we cannot

guarantee their complete security. If you have any questions about our Website

security, please email us at


5.1 Contract

A service contract shall be binding between the client/user and A2 when the

service is ordered and the payment has been completed satisfactorily and the

amount has been paid into A2′s bank or PayPal accounts.

A payment is considered to be “completed satisfactorily” when the amount

has been fully paid and an invoice has been issued and sent by A2′s Administration


5.2 Contract duration. The service contract paid for shall have the duration

corresponding to its nature and which is expressly stated in section (1.

Available services) in each case.

5.3 Withdrawal of contract

Because of the nature of the hired services provided through A2′s website,

the contract cannot be withdrawn; therefore, it is impossible to request the

corresponding reimbursement of the amount paid, all of this by virtue of

article 103 of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users.

Article 103 – Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal shall not be applicable to the contracts which refer to:

• a) The provision of services, once the service has been completely executed,

when the execution has already started, with the express prior consent from

the consumer or user, and with its acknowledgement that it is aware that, once

the contract has been completely executed by the entrepreneur, it has lost the

right of withdrawal.

6. Breach of our terms and conditions

If users/clients fail to comply with the terms and conditions established and/or

participate in activities that contravene or breach the Terms and Conditions

of Service, they shall be liable for the consequent legal actions and processes.

The decision to initiate disciplinary action (including interrupting all the

services) is up to the discretion of A2.

7. Service interruption/termination

A2 reserves the right to immediately terminate or indefinitely suspend our services

if a breach is committed or if we find reasonable arguments to think that our Terms

and Conditions are being breached. Moreover, we reserve the right to terminate

our services at our sole discretion if the clients/users adopt a position which

we consider to be unacceptable.