We want to be your partners, which is why we place our personal and technical resources at your company’s disposal so that you can manage your industrial property portfolio as efficiently as possible.

In that way, your company can manage its intangible assets directly and in constant contact with the A2 Estudio Legal team; there will always be a professional who will give you support and provide advice when your company makes strategic decisions in the Industrial Property area.

Services for companies
- Registration of brands, patents, industrial designs and any other industrial property rights.

- Brand monitoring service: we can monitor your brand registration anywhere in the world and inform you about the brand applications that enter into conflict with yours.

- IP portfolio audit: we study a company’s registrations and protections to seek the most efficient one by eliminating protection duplications or assessing the more effective ones.

- Specialist consultancy services in industrial property and commercial law.

Training for companies
- We provide specialist courses on brands, protection of R&D results, and IP internationalisation and protection.
- We carry out customised training plans based on your company needs.