Are you researching or developing a new product or procedure? Do you want your operations to have the exclusivity so that you can recoup the investment effort?
A patent forbids third parties from capitalising on your efforts.
Full cycle of patents

Our services cover the complete cycle of patents from the study of history to maintenance.

We provide advice on the best type of protection.
National patents
In Spain, the US, China, Brazil or other countries thanks to our international alliances.
European patents
We provide coverage in 38 countries using a simplified single process.
International patents (PCT)
This service will help protect your invention in more than 148 countries during a minimum period of 30 months.
What is a patent?
A patent is a number of exclusive rights granted by a State to its holder over a new product or procedure which can be exploited industrially. To register a patent, the product or procedure must be new, have inventive step and an industrial application. The patents have a valid period of 20 years from their application.
What is a utility model?
A utility model, which does not exist in all countries, is widely used in Spain to protect the advancements in tools. A utility model is granted for period of 10 years. At A2 Estudio Legal, we provide a full range of services which will hep you register your project. International extension of your utility model: At A2 ESTUDIO LEGAL, we have the broadest network of international operators who will help you extend the protection of your utility model to the country where you want to market.
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