By registering your trademark, your identity in the market will be protected and you will have the exclusivity vis-à-vis your competitors. As industrial property agents, we protect your trademark with full guarantee and at the best price.
Full trademark cycle

Our services cover the complete cycle of brand, from the feasibility study until the renovation.

We advise you on which is the best type of protection
Trademarks in Spain

Registering a trademark in Spain will enable you to act in this country under a name whose rights are ensured.

Community trademarks

We help you formalise the registration of a Community trademark, which will ensure your rights over a trademark in the EU-28.

International trademarks

This provides protection in the 90 countries of the Madrid System.

The application for all the countries of interest is made in a single file and this is processed in each territory.

Trademarks in other countries
If you want to register your trademark in a country that is not shown on the map, please contact us.