Registering an international trademark will enable you to act with full freedom in the selected countries of the Madrid System under a name whose rights are ensured. Registering a trademark will enable you to be unique and stand out from the competition.
Viability study
We analyse the trademark and verify its viability before a larger investment is made. Our advice as experts in intellectual and industrial property ensures fully effective results.
International trademark registration

The international trademark registration process is carried out through the Madrid System; there is a completion time and a variable cost depending on the selected countries.

We will provide you with a detailed budget based on the countries of your interest if you complete the online form.

International trademark monitoring
During your trademark validity period, we analyse the applications made by third parties in order to identify any identical or similar applications. In that way, we make sure that your rights are not breached.
International trademark renewal

Once your trademark concession period ends, you can renew your rights over it for the following 10 years.

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