Registering a European Community trademark will enable you to act with full freedom in the EU-28 under a name whose rights are ensured.

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Viability study
We analyse the trademark and verify its viability before a larger investment is made. Our advice as experts in intellectual and industrial property ensures fully effective results.
EU Community trademark registration
The Community trademark registration process lasts 5-7 months if there is no opposition from third parties, and the concession is granted for 10 years.
Now you can register your trademark online:

- A trademark within 24 business hours
- Online registration without travelling
- Advice from professionals

EU Community trademark monitoring
During the validity period of your trademark, we analyse the applications made by third parties for Community trademarks in order to identify any identical or similar applications. In that way, we make sure that nobody breaches your rights.
Renewal of EU Community trademark
Once your trademark concession period has ended, you can renew your rights over it for the following 10 years.
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